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Terms and conditions

To use you need to register. No problem. Registration is easy and free! If you have already registered type in your e-mail address and password and enter your member page. DKV Group offers an intermediary service between buyer and seller for an online safe buy and sell process. Buyer and Seller both agree to use DKV Group services after they agreed to their own terms and conditions. Seller has to start the transaction and pay the company`s charges.
Step 1

The Buyer pays

Once the transaction is started by the seller and approved by the buyer we will request the payment to be paid upfront. The Buyer has to remit the specified amount to one of our payment agents bank account.
Step 1

Transport starts

Once has received the payment, the delivery to the buyers location will begin. Transport time can last from 2 to 7 working days depending on the distance.
Step 1

The Buyer approves the purchase

After the vehicle is received, the Buyer has the Inspection Period to value the purchase*, thus if the purchase is approved of, informing to authorise the transaction.
Step 1

The Seller is paid pays the Seller. We would like to remind the Seller that the expenses of sending and receiving the money will be charged to the consignee. For information on bank's charges please send us an email to:

* Note:

If the Client is not satisfied with the vehicle, he/she can inform that the vehicle will be returned. When the vehicle is returned, we will verify the current condition of it to be sure it is in the same state as once was delivered.
The buyer will receive the transferred amount back without any problems.
The Buyer has to inform of his/her decision within the Inspection Period. GrouGvt will NOT release the funds or cash out any amount until the Buyer is absolutely sure of the vehicle he purchased.


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