Service Rules supplies a service ("Service") for the terms and conditions of this Contract and any additional deed published by The definition ''Client'' is he/she who acts as the buyer (''Buyer'') or seller (''Seller') for any transaction.

1. Identification and assessment of the Client

The information supplied by the Client in Escrow's! registration page have to be true and accurate. The Client must not contact people, associations, corporations, or use an alias if not authorised to do so by If any of the information is proved to be false or incorrect, retains the right to cancel the transaction. The Clients must update the information as required by the Service contract.

2. The Client's Conduct

Our services are available only to those who can act in their full capacity, as intended and desired by Italian Law (Civil Code art. 2), that is the capacity to conclude contracts and sales. The Clients agree that their transactions do not violate any State Laws. In particular the service cannot assist transactions that provide for:

1) goods that incite racial, xenophobic, or anti-Semitic hatrid or violence;
2) goods that can damage the security and integrity of a State, whichever it may be;
3) arms or ammunition;
4) animals, of which the importation, exportation, commerce or possession are not allowed by law or bylaws;
5) human organs;
6) drugs and narcotic substances;
7) cigarettes and tobacco products;
8) alcohol produced without the proper authorization as required by law and bylaws;
9) MP3 files;
10) counterfeit goods in violation with the national and international laws that safeguard industrial and intellectual property;
11) goods of any type which the selling of is illegal or not allowed by national or international bylaws.

This list should be considered indicative and not limiting. The Clients that use the Service are subject to all bylaws and state laws, national and international, with particular reference, but not limited to, the networks that have the Service or a transmission of its data. The Clients must not transmit any offensive or illicit material. The Clients must undertake to obtain and mantain a telephone service, needed to access and use the Service. The Clients are responsible for any changes connected to the Service. The Clients are the only ones responsible for the contents of their transmission, and they will not interfear or tamper with networks connected to the Service. The Clients are aware that any attempts to violate or access other computers are prohibited. can, at its own discretion, terminate the Service immediately if the Client's conduct does not respect the contract.

3. Cancellation reserves the right to cancel any transaction after 15 days from its start date if, by such a date, the Buyer or Seller have not arrived at an agreement on the transaction details.

4. Service Restrictions is not responsible for the transfer of private and personal documents. is not responsible and will not give a testimonial verifying the property and ownership of the goods in the transaction.

5. Client Account, Password and Security

The Clients alone are responsible for the confidentiality of their own passwords and for each and all of their activities that originate from their accounts. The Clients must immediately notify of any unauthorised use, or breach of privacy, confidentiality and security of their client accounts. The e-mail received from our service is simply for information, you should visit the transaction page in the escrow web site to check the progress of your transaction. For security reasons will not send e-mails containing postal addresses. Send to the address which is shown on your transaction page. Other methods of obtaining addresses are not recognised by

6a. Mailing Requirements

The Seller has to send the goods directly to the Buyer's address. We will make the transport for the seller if the seller left in our custody the goods. We will inshure the goods and will be carefully transported to the buyers registered address.

6b. Consignment Request The Buyer will give complete and accurate information on the address where the goods are to be sent and will notify immediately of any changes of address. Any incorrect information the Buyer gives is to be retained entirely the Buyer's responsability. The Buyer is also retained responsible for ensuring that he/she or his/her appointee is available to receive or collect the goods promptly from the courier. The Buyer is responsible for informing, within the Inspection Period, any different consignment information given to the transport and postal service. If the goods are insured and are damaged during the mailing or transport, the Buyer has to immediately inform the parties interested:, the Seller and the courier service. The Insurance company will directly contact the Buyer regarding any action to be undertaken. If the goods are damaged during the transport or mailing, the Buyer has to keep both the packaging and the goods for assessment by the insurance company. If the Seller has not insured the goods, he/she is responsible for their repair or refund. The Buyer is responsible for any damages which occur after the consignment. If the Buyer returns the goods to the Seller, the Buyer is responsible for all the conditions of transport and the Seller is responsible for the consignment conditions as described in this contract.

7. Financial Deposit will accept the following ways of payment: bank transfer. All payments are to be made to to specified bank account received in every clients email.

8. Fee and Responsability

After the payment is received, service fee is non refundable.

9. Requests or Refunding of Capital

The sum of the value, taken in faith, cannot be returned without: (1) the consent of both the contracting parties; (2) if the transaction is executed or fulfilled outside the Service Rules.

10. Copies of Documents

The Clients should make copies of every document necessary for their dossier, including also,'s instructions, receipts and agreements. will not send copies of documents unless specifically requested by the Client.

11. Disclosure

All the information required in the registration page is considered to be "Registration Data". The data collected by, regarding the Client's use of the Service, is considered to be "Use of the Service". The Clients allow to reveal the "Registration Data" and "Use of Service", this disclosure will exclude the Clients name, address, e-mail, account number, and telephone number. will only reveal all or some of the information if requested by the relevant authorities.

12. Waiver

No annoncement or information, verbal or written, obtained from the Clients or through the Service, will be an authorisation unless expressly made by The Clients use this Service at their own risk, subject to this contract. waivers any right of authorisation; for example that to authorise the marketability or the suitability of specific targets. does not guarantee that the Service will satisfy all of the Clients needs or will be uninterupted, safe or free from error. will not give any guarantee of the results obtained from the use of the Service, of their accuracy, reliability, or of defects in the software.

13. Limit of Responsability will not be retained responsible for: direct, indirect, accidental, extraordinary or consequential damages, resulting from the use of or the inability to use the Service; or eventual additional costs or expenses produced by the use of the Service. will not be retained responsible for messages received or admission to transactions through the Service, resulting in an unauthorised access, or changes in the Client's transmission or data, including but not only, damages for the lack of profit, use, data or other intangible property, even if had been informed of such damages. DKV-Group.comcannot be responsible to the Client for more than the amount payed by the Client to the Service. will not be retained responsible for any agreement, neither written nor verbal, between Clients, which had not been brought toEscrow's!attention.

14. Resale or Commercial Use of the Service

The right to use the Service is reserved to Clients only. The Clients agree to not resell or use the Service commercially without the permission of The Clients are aware that the contents published in the Service can be protected by copyright, trade-marks, or other property or rights. The Clients accept that without Escrow's! consent, they cannot resell the Service to others, use the Service for the transmission of or receive replies for commercial incentives. The Clients concur to not, for commercial purposes, adjourn, transmit, reproduce, distribute, or participate in a transmission or a sale, or by other means profit from any of the Service's contents. The Clients accede to not use the Service for transmissions or receiving mail of any type. The Clients agree to not use the Service's ample quantity of addresses to divulge a message without the written consent of The Clients undertake to not falsify communications transmitted through the Service. The Clients acccede to not permit third parties to transmit communications that falsify the identity of their account as the origin of such a communication.

15. Participation in Advertising Publicity

The Clients consent to send them, electronically or by aother means chosen by, information including advertisements, communications and solicitations. The Clients recognise that the advertisements and solicitations are an inseparable part of the Service's activity. The Clients understand and accept that such advertisements and solicitations cannot cease until the Service is discontinued. The Clients can correspond with or participate in promotions with the advertisers that are showing the Service's products; each correspondence, promation, mailing, payment of goods or services, or any other terms, conditions or authorisations that are associated with them are established between the Client and the advertiser. does not assume any responsibilty or obligation of any kind for such correspondence or promotion. The Clients agree to pay all the sales, use, duties or trade taxes of goods and services that the Clients have acquired through the Service.

16. Amendments and Modifications of the Service Rules can amend the contract at any moment and in any way. The Clients should confirm and accede to the changes made by If the Client does not accept the amendments, he/she should interrupt and terminate the use of the Service.

17. Termination of the Contract can, at its own discretion, terminate the Service if the Client does not conform to the contract, or if the Client wants to change or modify the Service contract. reserves the right to modify and interrupt the Service, giving or not giving notice to the Clients and, exercising this right, will not be held responsible for the Clients or any third parties. Both the Client and can , at any moment in time, with or without a reason, decide to cease the use of and access to the Service and personal account.

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